V Dream, holds a job fair for enterprises and disabled job seekers


Digital disabled HR solution enterprise V Dream (representative Kim Minji) announced that it will hold ‘V Dream disabled recruitment job fair’ at the ‘Busan Eurasia Platform’ on 16th Nov. The job fair is managed by V Dream and Busan Techno Park.

‘V Dream disabled recruitment job fair’ operates ‘disabled employment guidance’ and ‘guidance for disabled how to find a job’.

V Dream will make booths for those enterprises, institutions and organizations willing to hire disabled and run programs in the order; △Introduction of V dream △Information on the recruitment process for the disabled (live streaming on YouTube at the same time) △Recruitment counseling △Inviting lectures on personnel and labor issues related to the recruitment of the disabled.

V Dream plans to remind the enterprises that the cost for disabled employment allotment has been increased every year because the enterprises with over 50/100 full-time workers do not fulfill the disabled employment quota. V Dream will also explain the problems of the disabled employment environment including what recognition of the disabled that employment enterprises have.

Enterprises can easily hire disabled as working at home employees with the disabled working at home specialized platform called ‘Flip’ developed by V Dream and ‘One Stop Disabled Employment Solution. It is planned to take working education through V Dream and introduce the stories of the disabled who found jobs successfully.

It will host △ Introduction of V dream △ Guide to the employment process for the disabled (live streaming on YouTube at the same time) at the booths of disabled employment for disabled job seekers and welfare institutions.

You can receive detailed information on job-specific education programs such as △ Marketing △ Design △ CS △ Monitoring △ Data Collection △ CAD provided by V Dream. It will also be linked between companies that are currently hiring disabled job seekers.

Kim Minji, the representative of V Dream said: “Hope to receive a lot of participation from anyone interested in hiring disabled job seekers and seeking a job.”

‘V Dream disabled recruitment job fair’ opens from 9:30 am to 4 pm on 16th Nov at Room 104 (Guidance for disabled job seekers), Room 109 (Disabled employment guidance) at ‘Busan Eurasia Platform’. Detailed schedules and contents can be checked through a visit to the V Dream website and the inquiry phone.

Website: https://vdream.co.kr/


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