Project Jongno-Yeoga Alley, initiation of the Changsin-dong local tour


compound art tour lecture – Changsin-dong compound experience – Providing the cultural and artistic content of the local society

‘A trip to Changshin-dong alley with synesthesia’ will be initiated by the founding team ‘Project Alley’, appreciated by Jongno social economy network social cooperative (the chief director Haksong Lee. abbr. Jongno Coop)

‘Project Alley’ is a company that provides the compound experience of Art + Tour + Lecture with a wide variety of artists by describing the hiding history and culture of the alleys.

‘A trip to Changshin-dong alley with synesthesia’, the first project of ‘Project Alley’ is a program to explore Changsin-dong, where art and history coexist through five senses. It is a new type of local tour program that listens to artistic and cultural history lectures about Changshin-dong, has sensory experiences, and explores Changshin-dong alley. The program has been organized with the themes of the local resources of Changsin-dong such as the traditional market, sewing, beauty, Paik Nam Jun, and the quarry.

‘A trip to Changshin-dong alley with synesthesia’ will be held seven times between 30th Aug and 5th Nov. It’s been organized in the five different programs:
1. ‘K-make up’ and the tour of vision and taste in the traditional market
2. The tour of hearing through the traditional music
3. The tour of vision and hearing with the modern music musician
4. A trip to Changsin-dong alley and tour of touch with relaxed stretching
5. The photo talk concert with a photographer

It is able to submit the application and check the schedule regarding ‘A trip to Changshin-dong alley with synesthesia’ on the blog of Jongno-Yeoga (종로여가), and it is managed by order of arrival. Meanwhile, Jongno Coop was established in Oct 2017 to engage the social enterprises in Jongno. It is to successfully manage the Jongno social economy construct, strategic projects for market support and joint brand development, revitalization of local communities and regional regeneration innovation project, and implementation of Jongno social convergence.

In addition, Jongno Coop has managed ‘Jongno-gu Ecosystem Creation Group’ (종로구 생태계조성사업단) to build the ecosystem of Jongno social economy and has revitalized the network since 2017. Jongno Coop has made an effort to build a sustainable social cooperate map through the resource connections of the local society by catching Jongno’s social agenda and establishing a social business model.


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