I-SEIF, held the ‘Happy Bean Sympathy Exhibition’ for the Social Enterprises


  • Displaying the representative products of the social enterprises in Incheon at ‘Happy Bean sympathy Market’
  • Pioneer the market for the enterprises and provide customers the chances of value consumption


Incheon Social-Enterprise Invigoration Common Fund (Abbr. I-SEIF) sells the products of the social enterprises by holding the ‘Incheon social-enterprise exhibition with I-SEIF’ at ‘Happy Bean Sympathy Market’ of Naver online donation portal from Oct 28th for three weeks. Sudokwon Landfill Site Management Corporation, Incheon International Airport Corporation, Incheon Port Authority and Korea Environment Organization held the exhibition to plan the vitalization of the sustainable social-enterprise ecosystem. The exhibition is one of the support projects the fund ‘Joyful Union’ manages and it has been planned to help social enterprises have new markets and additional income generation.

I-SEIF has provided support for searching new online markets for social enterprises since 2020 when the need for pioneering “Untact” markets has arisen by COVID-19. I-SEIF ran various support projects such as training on analyzing sales data in a shopping mall, 1:1 consulting with professional MD and product branding besides holding the ‘Sympathy Mall’ this year.

“Ganhwa Myeongwa”, “The Cafe Cookie”, “Lady House”, “Daily Fish”, “Appamom Skin”, “EcoUs”, “Incheon Local Food Cooperative” and “Hakyone” participate in the ‘Sympathy Mall’ with the topics of ‘Eco-friendly’, ‘Incheon Local Specialty’ and ‘Child and Adolescent’. Consumers can enjoy the benefit of saving 2000 won Naver Pay Points if they buy one product through the ‘Sympathy Market’ exhibition event and additional Naver Pay Points if they write down reviews.


Introduction of the Korean Microcredit Joyful Union

The Corporation, Korea Microcredit Joyful Union (Abbr. Joyful Union) has set up its business by establishing the first Korean microcredit NGO for the self-support of vulnerable social groups and has run various business projects to create a social-enterprise ecosystem beside a small loan business. Nowadays, Joyful Union is also developing and implementing programs for the networks in the private and public sectors and training for the growth of social enterprises in Korea as an integrated support organization for social enterprises in Seoul.


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